5 Things That Prove Google Assistant is the Best

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Now a Days Searching Internet got a New and Intelligent Level, We have entered into the new era of intelligent assistants.  HTC offers its own assistant named Sense Companion, Samsung offers Bixby, Amazon offers Alexa and Google offers its Assistant. Google Assistant is now very high demanding software for smartphones.

 5 Things To Prove Google Assistant is the Best

  • Finding a place to Have Food
Find Restaurant feature

The Aim of Google Assistant is to help you when you need it, anytime. If you are hungry anytime, this intelligent assistant is engineered to help you find all you need. You just have to say “Show me the restaurants nearby” or ” Show me bars nearby” for the suggestions. Assistant will show you all the restaurants that are near by, with the help of your GPS feature and also you will get to know the ratings of all the restaurants.

  • Translating Any Languages to communicate quickly and easily
Translate Language Feature

If you are living in a large city or if you often do travelling abroad then It can surely help you a lot to communicate with peoples from other countries. Google Assistant will be always there to help you when you are lost in translation, you just have to ask it to translate a word or a full sentence, and Assistant will give you proper written translation and the special thing about it is, It will also read it for you.

  • Entertainment through Jokes or Games
Entertainment Feature

Google assistant is more than just an assistant, it also acts like your faithful companion. You can share your mood with it and it will reply according to your mood. You can chat with it, ask anything you want to know, and the best part of it is, if you ask him to tell some jokes to entertain you, Assistant will tell you random jokes to make you laugh.

You can also play games with it to pass your free time. For that you just have to say “Play games with me” And it will show you a list of games, from their you can choose any of the game and can play with assistant.

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  • Controlling your apps
Control Any Apps

When you need to search an app from your phone, you can directly search it by the voice command feature of assistant. If you want to open Facebook, Just say” Open Facebook App” It will open the app for you. You can also call anyone, just by saying ‘Call’ followed by the person’s name. It will make direct call to that person.

  • Reading the News out Loud
News Feature

If you like to listen, some of the latest news, Simply say to google “listen to the news” or “read the news to me” or similar to that. It will read out all the news, that google will get on the first go, and also will open a new window where you can see all the list of the news.

This Post was all about Top 5 Things to Prove Google Assistant is the Best of all. Use Google assistant and enjoy all the features!

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