5 Things Not To Do With Your Android Smartphone

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Nowadays, smartphones are an essential part of our daily life. From the rich to the poor, everyone has a smartphone nowadays and after the introduction of free internet in India, smartphones are raining like some new snack or something. To be honest, most of the smartphones whether they are cheap or pricey come with an OS which is like an universal Operating System. You just have find some hardware and it will support your manufacture.

Some people don’t really care about their phones because the phones are either cheap or the person is really wealthy, hence, they keep neglecting the safety measures which should be taken for the phones’ longivity. So, for these people we have in this post the 5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Android Phone!!!

5 Things You Should Not Do With Your Android Phone :

1. Keep Your Phone Under Direct Sunlight:

Some people take this matter very lightly hence pay by losing their phones’ battery life pretty earlier than the expected. This is because, as the phone is in direct contact with the sun, it keeps heating up from the interior and the exterior which results in the phones’ battery discharging earlier than others and finally needs to get replaced after several of these attempts. So it is rather advisable to not do this type of silly things and keep your phone in shade from next rather than by the swimming pool or the garden.

2. Plugged In Even After Fully Charged

This is the most common mistake we all do, that is, to keep the phone plugged in even after it is fully charged several hours ago. The manufacturers strictly recommend not to do this as this results in the damage of your charger and may even damage the charging port after several turns. This happens due to the voltage changes in the sockets of your house.

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3. Downloading Apps From Non-Secure Sources

Android has a place called the Google Play Store, which has unlimited access to apps, games, movies, etc. . But still there are several apps which we don’t find there or are paid there and those who don’t want to pay sideload these apps from 3rd Party Sources which are most of the times not trustworthy hence pose threat to our security.

To prevent this from happening, check the source for trustable content, check the comments, ratings, etc. before downloading. This way you can protect your privacy and security.

You should also check every permission that the app asks for when installing because some apps may ask for permissions which are not even relevent to the app and may cause securty issues later like spying, etc.

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4. Visiting Websites With Questionable Security

When visiting websites on your phone, due to the smaller screen size you sometimes click on some adware which lead you to different other websites which are in-turn malicious and harmful. If you know the website well then it is no issue to visit the website but when your on an unknown website like some free music and videos downloading websites, there is a good chance of getting caught up in such menaces. Hence to avoid these, first visit the website from your computer where you have full antivirus protection. Then open it up on your phone.

5. Hard Drive Instead Of Cloud Storage

Some people tend to rely on their phones’ storage too much, but, when it crashes or you have to an unintended factory reset, all your data is gone. Hence, to save all that data, save your most important files to the cloud storage services, like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Whenever you reset your phone or buy a new phone, first thing to do is to sync your phones’ data with Gmail, which will store all your settings, contacts, app data to Google Drive. Then manually set-up Google Drive or Any other cloud storage service to backup your personal files which will lead to the safety of all your data securely. Messaging services like Whatsapp also sync with Google so backup your conversations also.

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So, after all these are followed properly everyday, you can use your phone properly for a long time. Hence follow these steps to make your phone more useful.

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